Pronounced:  'al-YAN-i-koh'

Dark fruits, dusty tannins, along with rustic, earth-driven qualities . It certainly is a full-bodied experience when sipping on the red wine known as Aglianico. 

For the younger vintages this varietal often displays intense savory flavours of leather along with a hit of spice – perfect for pairing with that beef brisket or charcuterie board. But for the older vintages of this varietal – it’s where the style truly begins to shine. 

With patient cellaring anywhere from 5-15 years Aglianico can begin to develop soft dusty aromas of dried figs along with sun-tanned leather. However, if time is of the essence, the range of Aglianico that we have range from 2 all the way to 7 years; giving you that head start to being able to enjoy the style right now or in the not so distant future. 

2016 Fighting Gully Road Aglianico, Beechworth $45.00
2015 Hither & Yon Aglianico, McLaren Vale $29.00
2020 Carillion 'Lovable Rogue Moon Child' Aglianico, Orange $29.00