Badlands Brewery ‘Bramble On’

Badlands Brewery ‘Bramble On’

Two completely different beer styles, one signature ingredient: Bramble On!

That’s right, Jon and the crew at Badlands Brewery have been busy mulling away the start of Winter with a Blackberry duo release. 

Up first is a Belgian Style Wit beer – “This Wit uses a classic Belgian yeast to impart clovey flavours to the beer. Brewed with huge volumes of unmalted wheat and crushed coriander seeds. Foraged blackberries from our good mates at Tallaganda hop farm were added late in fermentation to berry-up the beer.”

Secondly is a Nitro Milk Stout – “This Blackberry Nitro Milk Stout is black and roasty with coffee and dark caramel flavours lifted and sweetened by the lactose and fresh blackberry juice. This beer takes you to the darkest depths of Mordor!”

Enjoyed BEST side by side – with a bit of Led Zeppelin rocking in the background.