Bizzaro Aperitivo

Bizzaro Aperitivo

The Aperol spritz has taken Australia by storm in the last decade. This Italian cocktail comprises Aperol, an Italian bitter aperitif and prosecco; simple enough to make and enjoy the whole year round.

If only there was an Australian product that we could choose instead? Bizzaro Aperitivo has been designed to be exactly that. Made by the family at Delinquente Winery in the South Australian Riverland. Starting with a dry white wine made from Vermentino grapes then fortifying this with neutral grape spirit, before flavouring with lemons, oranges, herbs and spices. 

Bizzaro, although similar to Aperol, actually packs a little more of a flavour punch. So feel free to substitute it in cocktails where you might otherwise use Campari. Negroni anyone?

Of course it is just delicious over ice or diluted slightly with some tonic water as a pre-dinner drink. How civilised.

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