Cargo Road Wines

Cargo Road Wines

Orange viticulturist James Sweetapple has recently had his Cargo Road Wines vineyard certified under the Savory Institute’s Ecological Outcome Verification program – the first vineyard world-wide to achieve this.

Climate change has been the primary impetus behind the strive for balance between land and environment, and his studies of holistic management were transformative. This lead James to apply to be an EcoGrower and work towards the certification.

James’ future plans for the 16ha vineyard are to improve overall soil health, introduce native insectary plants to work with nature to reduce pest load, and to demonstrate to the public and fellow growers what is possible. The vineyard currently has no pesticide use for the past 25 years, and a burgeoning spider population.

The nonprofit Savory Institute aim is to regenerate on a global scale, grasslands and the livelihoods of the inhabitants. EOV is the sole pre-requisite within the Land 2 Market program, a gold-standard land health connection solution for retailers to farms and ranches certified to be regenerative.

- Lauren