Cosmo Brewing Cherry Saison

Cosmo Brewing Cherry Saison

150kg of late harvest cherries travelled a meagre 12 km to the Cosmo brewing facilities to lend their flavour - stems, seeds and all – to Cosmo’s 2022 Cherry Saison Aged Farmhouse Ale.

The Brewongle fruit, picked by Grace and Sam, started macerating in 350L of young saison in February 2022 and enjoyed a 15 day intervention free soak. The ale is brewed with NSW grown barley, wheat, and rye, malted by Voyager Craft Malt from Whitton NSW, and Australian Cascade hops.

Next step… a light press, then cellaring in stainless steel tanks for 12 months before being bottled in February 2023.

Cosmo’s 2022 Cherry Saison Aged Farmhouse Ale is unfiltered and unpasturised and will continue to develop with cellaring. Ian from Cosmo recommends cellaring as you would a red wine - either upright or laying down, kept under 25 degrees C, for 5 years plus (although check in with him again in 2030!)

As for drinking? Six degrees C is ideal. And the qualities present are on a lighter, sparkling pinot noir spectrum. The larger bottle size may be intimidating, but this brew makes for a fantastic sharing option, perfect to enjoy with darker meats, char grill goodies, or seasonal tomato plates. Or build Ian’s spritz in an elegant Cosmo glass… ice and fresh lime, then cold beer and cold soda water in a 50:50 ratio.

To complete the circle, all Cosmo Brewing packaging is returnable to the brewery.

- Lauren -