Easter Beers

Easter Beers

It’s adult Easter egg time! But instead of little chocolatey treats, we have delicious chocolatey beers.

That’s right folks, some of the iconic breweries we carry have gone all out this Easter meaning we have not one, not two, but THREE spectacular Easter beers just waiting to be enjoyed.

Bridge Road Brewing 'Eggster' Triple Chocolate Ale:
“A big, rich triple chocolate ale.  Smooth, lush and with the uncanny ability to make every mouthful feel like a holiday.”

Bright Brewery 'Chocopalooza' Chocolate Caramel Easter Stout:
“This decadent brew is brewed with real cocoa and sweet, sticky caramel for a taste that’s both satisfying and delightful.”

Blackman's Brewery 'Milk Choc Easter Egg' Stout:
“A milk chocolate stout made with a bucket load of real cocoa. 7 different malts and lactose have been used to give massive smooth milk chocolate Easter egg energy.”