Field Blend Wines

Field Blend Wines

I find we are all good at sticking to what we know. Whether it be an oaky Chardonnay or a bold Shiraz- it’s hard to go past these when we know we love them so much.

However, Field Blends are the best place to start if you want to be trying something new.

Field blends are made from a mélange of different grapes grown together in the same field or vineyard, then picked and fermented at the same time. These unique wines are different than the typical blends we know today, like those of Bordeaux, where grapes are grown and vinified separately. Field blends are a distinct and expressive way to showcase a vineyard’s terroir and unique climate.

We are lucky here especially in Australia because we don’t have all the appellation rules that old world wineries have- meaning we can basically blend what we want and when we want.

We have producers in the shop which have made field blends that you will see nowhere else. They reach another level of complexity, balance and elegance that is hard to find in other wines.

Sinapius is known for their Clem Blanc 2018 Field Blend which we are lucky to have. It's a unique field blend of estate grown, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Grüner Veltliner, Gewürztraminer & Chardonnay Musqué. All varieties are harvested at the same time and given 48 hours skin contact prior to pressing. A highly aromatic wine with a bouquet of fragrant white flower and orange zest. The palate follows with wonderful layers of texture, both savoury and saline, with enticing creaminess on the back palate and a hint of grip on the finish. We’ve always been obsessed with this cracker and is representative of how cool field blends can be.

We also can’t talk about field blends without mentioning our latest superstar in store- Terra do Rio Red Blend 2019. Trying this one made me remember how damn awesome field blends are. It’s made by the power couple Ashley & Holly Ratcliff. During decades of work in the Industry, Ashley picked up the Best Viticulturist award one year. So basically if you’re a grape in Australia you want to be grown by Ashley. This couple focusses on sustainability and grows their grapes in the Riverland of South Australia, so the fun reds used in this are grown to perfection- a lot of sun and not much rain. This one is a must try.

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