Fresh Hop Harvest Beers

Fresh Hop Harvest Beers

Craft beer in Australia is a year round event, with countless new brews being released everyday all across the country by barrel loads of fantastic independent breweries.

There are many reasons as to why a particular beer is brewed – whether it’s to match a change of season, or if it’s a particular style that’s in high demand, or simply because a brewer is super keen to showcase their passion.

When the Fresh Hop harvest rolls around in March each year here in Oz, brewers are quick to jump on any reason to brew a beer with the freshest hops possible!

But what is a Fresh Hop beer? Simply put, they are the whole hop cones freshly picked from the bine and added to the brew usually within 24hrs.

As hops are generally processed and dried into pellet form for long term use, the ability to capture the aroma and flavour of Fresh Hops truly is a once a year opportunity and taste sensation. Check out a few of the new beers to store that have utilised this year’s harvest of Fresh Hops:

Sunday Road Brewing Co 'Harvest 2024' IPA
Bridge Road Brewing x Deeds 'Dark Harvest' Fresh Hop Black IPA
Bridge Road Brewing x Moffat Beach Brewing 'Hazy Harvest' Fresh Hop IPA