Fresh Hopped Beers

Fresh Hopped Beers

The annual hop harvest of Australia has finished up for another year. This is a very exciting time for beer brewers and beer drinkers alike as each gets to enjoy in the spoils of super fresh “Wet” hops utilised in brand-new delicious beers.

But what are ‘Wet’ hops you might ask? And what is their purpose in beer? Well put simply Wet hops are essentially hops picked straight from the bine, unprocessed, and not dried out. And used as soon as possible in the brewhouse to make a delicious Wet hop beer.

The purpose of these Wet hops is that they are picked fresh and used in the brewhouse urgently to capture as much of their volatile aromatic and flavour characteristics – that can often get lost in processing.

New to store we have a few tasty releases of fresh and Wet hop beers for you to wrap your laughing gear around.

Orange Store:

  • Garage Project ‘Galaxy Valley’ Hazy Double IPA
  • Fox Friday 'Don't Have To Ask Me Twice' Fresh Hop Pilsner
  • Mountain Culture x Wildflower x Cloudburst 'Bumbershoot' Wet Hop IPA

Albury Store:

  • Garage Project ‘Galaxy Valley’ Hazy Double IPA
  • Fox Friday X Bridge Road Fresh Hop IPA
  • Seeker Brewing "Sapphire Coast" Wet Hop Hazy Pale Ale
  • King River Galaxy Wet Hopped Ale
  • Bridge Road X Firestone Walker Fresh Hop Black IPA