Karu Distillery New Products

Enjoy gin? Enjoy coffee? Well we might just have the thing for you.

Introducing Karu Distillery’s latest release – The ‘Orsa’ Coffee Gin Liqueur.

“Our Blue Mountains neighbour ‘The Little Coffee Co’ produce an aromatic and chocolatey cold brew that blends beautifully with the orange citrus from our ‘Affinity’ Gin”.

But if Rum is more your thing, then you have to try their smooth, coconutty and creamy ‘Outcask’ Rum. Spent barrels of this Outcask Rum were up the range to their mates Mountain Culture Beer Co where they aged their latest release Imperial Stout known as the 'Angel's Share' inside the barrels for 11 months. 

Liqueur, Rum, and Rum Barrel Aged Stout all available now.