Pet Nat?

All the cool kids are drinking it, and we think you should too. If you haven’t tried a Pet Nat yet then brace yourself for a weird but fun time.

Pét Nat is an abbreviation for “pétillant naturel”, a French term that roughly translates to “naturally sparkling.” It’s as old as Champagne, but they are having their comeback recently thanks to the fun, funky and interesting flavours on offer.

They are made with as little intervention as possible; there’s nothing added during the process, and nothing filtered out at the end. The wine is simply taken from the tank and bottled while it’s still undergoing fermentation, then sealed using a crown cap, which traps a small amount of carbon dioxide – the natural result of fermentation – to create the bubbles.

We have a growing range, including Brave New Wine’s social lubricant designed for parties of one, and parties of many. The local Agitate Pet Nat has bustling and wild fruity vibes in a bottle built for those sunny arvos and of course our friends from Mudgee, Edan Wines, funky little bottles of magic which we can never say no too.

So come on in, pick up a bottle or two and we promise we won’t think you’re a pretentious hipster.