Pipan Steel Wines

Pipan Steel Wines

Pipan Steel Wines make Nebbiolo, only Nebbiolo. The grape variety from the North West of Italy. They are based in the Alpine Valleys, east of Myrtleford at Mudgegonga. An amazing part of Australia and perhaps one of the best suited to grow Nebbiolo?

The enthusiasm that Paula Pipan and Radley Steel have for Nebbiolo is infectious. Nebbiolo is a tough grape to get right. But the rewards are certainly worth it when you get it right.

Pipan Steel grow three clones of Nebbiolo and these have been planted separately in the vineyard row by row. They are kept separate throughout the winemaking process, bottled and sold separately. The 2017 single clone wines will be released very soon. They also produce a wine that is a blend of the three clones. This week we received a small amount of the 2016 vintage.

Nebbiolo can be structured and tannic, so extended aging in barrel and bottle is normally very beneficial. By releasing their Nebbiolo with quite a few years age Pipan Steel have done a lot of the hard work for us. Allowing the wines to soften a little and show some development.

- Chris, Albury -