Stone Dog Meadery

Stone Dog Meadery

We love all artisanal, independent, and hand-crafted producers of fine drinks. So when Stone Dog Meadery popped up on our radar with their range of highly esteemed Meads, we just knew we had to get our hands on some. 

'Heading to the Coast' Macadamia Honey Traditional Mead
“We take raw unfiltered Macadamia honey from Northern NSW and South East Queensland and use it to make a dry to semi – sweet mead designed to showcase this uniquely Australian Honey. This gives a light and bright mead.”

'Nectar of the Gods' Traditional Mead
“Show cases orange blossom honey at its finest. A rich sweet mead designed to be full bodied and lavish with hints of citrus.”

'Odin's Reserve' Caramelised Mead
“Bochet, or burnt honey Mead, dates back to the 14th century. We take orange blossom honey and cook it to release unbelievable flavours. Toffee, caramel, marshmallow, and a hint of bitter citrus. These flavours combine to give a semi sweet mead with a dark caramel appearance.”

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