The art of Cider

The art of Cider

Professional mastery of your job is something some people take more seriously than others. Some products are also given more respect than others. At The Lane Cellars we look for quality and those special beverages no matter what category they come from.

Cider is often overlooked when people are searching for high quality drinks. There are cider producers who are pushing the boundaries of quality and striving to achieve greatness, even if many people won't take much notice. 

We have two exceptional examples of Australian small production cider makers who are committed to strive for greatness. The team at Alpine Cider have put everything into their Artisan Reserve, creating a masterpiece of complexity.

If you are a cider fan and after a special occasion bottle, this is it.

Willie Smith's in Tasmania have crafted a traditional styled cider using heritage cider apples, the varieties used back in the UK to produce savoury, interesting and delicious ciders. This cider will open up and evolve, like a bottle of wine, as it warms up a little and gets exposed to some air. Take your time with these beauties, someone has worked really hard to make them so special.