Wildflower Brewing & Blending

Wildflower Brewing & Blending

It’s about to get really nerdy here - We are all aware of the massive amount of breweries Australia’s got going on, especially here in shop. And as much as we love it, we acknowledge it can be tricky to stand out amongst the crowds. 

Wildflower has been the one standing out to us beer enthusiasts lately. Started by American expat Topher Boehm and Australian brother-in-law Chris Allen, Wildflower’s brewery in the typical sense, does not have the equipment necessary to brew beer. Their Marrickville warehouse is, instead, full of barrels. It is a blendery and understanding how that works is key to understanding what Wildflower is. 

Few breweries dabble in some form of barrel ageing, at Wildflower however it is their thing all over. They use collected wild yeasts from around Australia - unlike most breweries who receive their yeast from a lab. They get their wild yeast from Australian native bark and flowers and propagate them until they are ready for brewing. They have a unique brewing style and one we could go on and on about- but think it’s worth just coming and trying yourself. 

Also, to mention something really cool for all of our Orange fam… Wildflower's space is very bare bones and is clearly all about the French oak barrels, Boehm actually has sourced ex-wine barrels from us here in Orange, working with local guys such as De Salis, Ross Hill and Canobolas Smith. Which we think makes it even cooler to try… We’ve got a funky range in shop that Jake and I can’t stop raving about, including the latest Wattle release. So come in, get your funk on, and try this weird yet wonderful goodness.

- Ani