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Anim Field Blend

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92 Points "Here’s what field blend means – single site, multiple varieties (here actually red and white varieties!), picked on a single day and all fermented together. Not that hard a concept to get right, is it? Nice wine too. Easy drinking, distinct wine, definitively feels made up of white and red grapes in a medley of darker fruits jostling with prettiness, floral characters, tangy notes and gorgeous, ruby colour. It’s crisp in texture, a little powdery in the gentle tannin set, leaning to pleasingly sour characters, fresh as can be in feel. A delight! The make up artist might apply a little extra tannin for shape, finish the wine with a blush of fruitiness rather than persisting tartness, but hey, who’s perfect. I like it all the same." The Winefront

Winemaker: Max Marriott