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Billy Button

Billy Button 'The Feisty' Friulano

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Friulano originates from the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of North-East Italy. (It also goes by the names of Sauvignon Vert and Sauvignonasse.) Jo’s interest in this white variety began in 2013 when she experienced it for the first time while working at Feathertop. She was intrigued by the intensity of flavour combined with a fantastic texture, and she knew there and then that she wanted to play with the variety even more. Sourced from the Dalbosco Vineyard at Porepunkah, Billy Button’s expression of this wine is textural and complex balanced by a vibrant fruit intensity. It’s a mouthful of a wine, and delicious to boot.

Mouthfilling texture and structural phenolics intermixed with stone fruit and spice.

King Valley, VIC