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Dainton Brewery

Dainton Brewery 'Cherrywood' Barrel Aged Smoked Rye Baltic Porter - 4 Pack

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We've taken our award winning Cherrywood Smoked Baltic Porter, and given it some additional depth by aging it for 1 year to the day in a blend of American Oak Barriques and Hogs made by various quality cooperages, from Saury and Demptos in France & A.P. John's here in Australia.

These barrels spent 3 years (2 vintages at the Schild Estate) in the famous Barossa Valley, housing deep brooding Shiraz. After that time the barrels moved to Starward's distillery, where they were filled with whiskey for 3+ years, before being transported to the brewery after being freshly emptied.

The beer was transferred post ferment into the whisky wet barrels and spent a full year in stillage. Enhancing the barrel character ingress into the beer by being forced deeper into the wood and by going through the seasonal temperature and pressure changes throughout the year.

The result is a powerful, well rounded beer, with great depth, flavours and aromas of spice, dark fruit, toasted vanilla, caramel, chocolate and smokiness.

12% ABV

4 x 355ml Can