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Deeds Brewing Co

Deeds Night Life Japanese Rice Lager - Single

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As you step out of the izakaya it’s already been a long night. In fact, it was a very long day at the office first. Your briefcase feels heavy, your suit is tight, and the tie has been off for hours.
Beer, food, beer, food, sake, then more beer. It’s been fun but your friends have just left.
The reason you moved to Tokyo was to be in the big city, take in the experience and enjoy the nightlife. A small and clean apartment awaits, and although it’s only a few stops away on the Yamanote line, you’re not ready yet. The neon lights hit your eyes from every angle as the signs burn bright against the night sky, the streets are full of people and there’s an energy in the air. And anyway, Golden Gai is just a few streets away.

5.2% ABV

440ml Can