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Deeds Brewing Co

Deeds Wallbanger Blood Orange Sour - Single

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It's been a long week at work and you're driving for hours to a family BBQ. The sun’s blazing, a hangover is kicking in and the car aircon is out. Tired and hot you finally arrive. Before you can even reach the esky, a child is crying after running into your knee and that cousin you avoid has already said something you’ll need to share with your mates.
As you try to rise above the arguments you dream of a refreshing cocktail, full of orange and vanilla… And then as if by magic a 4 pack of Deeds Wallbanger is there, on ice. Huh, one of the relos can’t be that bad it seems.
Ease into a chair on the deck, watch the chaos, and enjoy this beer brimming with blood orange and vanilla and its tart finish.

4% ABV

375ml Can