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Jones and Smith Distillery

Jones & Smith Epoch Sloe Gin

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The Pleistocene Epoch is the name given to the most recent ice age. The sloe berry relies on its own Pleistocene period (otherwise known as a frost) to help sweeten its sugars.

Jones & Smith Distillery, have meticulously extracted the best flavours from this miraculous little berry to bring you their very limited release Epoch Sloe Gin. This small-batch is quietly infused for just the right amount of time to create a true Sloe Gin, achieving a defining balance between the fruity sweetness of a sloe and the unique flavour profile that Jones & Smith Epoch Gin is best known for. This batch is timeless and unique and the profile may vary due to the use of seasonal ingredients. As always, this spirit is proudly non-chill filtered.

31.5% ABV

700ml Bottle