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Little Bang Brewing Co

Little Bang Brewing Co Sure Fine Whatever Imperial Oat Cream Pale - 4 Pack

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SCULLY approaches the counter from behind numerous displays of beer cartons, she is already deep in an argument with the MANAGER.

SCULLY You've got two hundred NEIPAS in here and not one Altbier? Pilsner is a perfectly respectable style you know. Has anyone here even heard of Helles?

MANAGER What can I say, lady? This is what we have, it's what people want!

Scullys' phone rings, it’s MULDER. She scowls at the manager and answers it.

SCULLY … Mulder, If you want a fruit cocktail, go buy yourself a mango daiquiri and be done with it. She hangs up. Sighing - she picks up a can of FRUITY OAT CREAM PALE and hands it to the manager.

8.2% ABV

4 x 375ml Can