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Moo Brew

Moo Brew XPA - 4 Pack

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We thought it was about time we got on the XPA bandwagon—not just to stir the pot of our honourable peers up north, but for blokes like Byron from Launnie, who are in need of an all-round bev fit for any occasion. Our new XPA is a solid eight passing as a ten—with a complexity to satisfy the craftier of craft drinkers, but the mouth-smacking appeal for those who are new to the Moo party. And ’cos it’s XPA, that party can happen anywhere, anytime. It’s bright and aromatic on the nose, light on the body (thanks to the pared back malt bill) with a crisp, moreish bitterness. Byron’s pumped.

4.5% ABV

4 x 375ml Can