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Mountain Culture Beer Co

Mountain Culture Bear Hunt NEIPA - 4 Pack

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Like the classic children’s story book, this beer is about continuing to push forward, no matter what adversity stands in your way.

In our case, it's a guy called Connor, and he’s our accountant.

When we told Connor we wanted to run an experiment with thousands of dollars worth of hops he started frantically pointing to different lines on a spreadsheet.

We took that as a green light to go ahead, and so we combined Peacherine and Lórien, two hops we love individually but weren’t sure how nicely they’d play together when put them in the beer together.

But, the result is a moreish hazy IPA filled with notes of rockmelon, sweet peaches and hints of lime. Some might say the two go together like an accountant and sumif.

7.2% ABV

4 x 500ml Can