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Resin Brewing

Resin Brewing Paradox Pale Ale - Single

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When we think of famous paradoxes, Schrodinger’s Cat mind come to mind, or perhaps The Monty Hall Problem, but we’d like you to consider another, more delicious paradox. 

Introducing, Paradox Pale Ale! 

This brew goes back to House & Dowd’s garage brewing days (which we imagine was like a scene out of Back To The Future) and has been reworked since to become the perfect paradox. Bonkers on the outside, but cool as a cucumber on the inside, Paradox is a classic American Pale Ale with strong bitterness, fruity undertones, and a malty back bone to string it all together. At just 5%, it’s easy sippin’, and sits at a nice midway point between our Montage and Refraction brews. 

It’s absurd, self-contradictory, and delicious.

5% ABV

500ml Can